Welcome to Phanbook

by Admin

on Aug 2/15 at 10:33

Hi, welcome to the Phanbook official . We plan to help answers your questions, share articles, tutorials and tips from the community and the anybody developers. All this interesting content will be available soon. We think you’re going to love it. Also we have features implemented:

Weekly Digest

A weekly digest is now sent to all users registered in the forum. This email summarizes the most important posts in the last week. A great resource if you want to learn more about the framework. If you don't want to receive this weekly e-mail you can update your e-mail preferences.


Badges are awards that reward users for their contributions, collaboration and participation in the forum. Badges enable the community to collectively identify the best contributors. Check the available badges here.


All activity that occurs in the posts where you have been participated is now centralized in the notifications. You can see them anytime here. Improved search system

Subscription to Posts

Now you can subscribe to a post, by doing this you'll receive e-mail notifications on topics you're waiting answers without having to participate/comment.

Light Theme

Now you can change the standard Dark theme used for code highlighting to a Lighter theme similar to the one used by Github here.

We hope you enjoy all these new features. If you want to implement new features or improve something, remember that the forum source code is published on Github.